June 30, 2018

Why Mobile TELEVISION Does Not Make Use of IPTV?

By John Vorhaus

Both AT&T and Verizon Mobile TV use Medial innovations from Qualcomm to transmit the VHF 719 MHz Facility frequency digital television signals to the mobile phones. Mobile TV service from various service provider bundle different set of television networks in its broadcast in the array of 10 to 12 TV channels in a standard package. Mobile television solution does not utilize the cell phone network to transmit the television signals. Rather, it uses a different network to disperse, send and also relay the TV signals to the smart phones. It just utilizes the smart phone network to supply interactivity and individual consent with the television service provider. Because the 3G smart phone network from AT&T and Verizon are both qualified to carry IP web traffic, it seems to be obvious that the simplest execution for mobile television is utilizing IPTV. A good example is AT&T currently making use of IPTV in its U-verse service web, phone and also television.

IPTV Enables Targeted

To comprehend why mobile TV does not make use of IPTV, the uncast nature of the mobile phone network needs to be explained. Because TV is a program service, i.e. a point to multipoint link is required for mobile television service. For mobile television to utilize IPTV, the IP multicast attribute requires to be implemented on the mobile phone network. IP multicast is extensively made use of in the distribution of broadcast TV solutions over IP networks. Not only does multicast minimize the bandwidth requirements of the network but the handling power of the Media server could likewise be kept relatively low because it just transfers one copy of an IPTV stream at a time.

The present 3G mobile network from AT&T as well as Verizon does not have IP multicast, nonetheless, the following 3G mobile network upgrade from both service providers might include the IP multicast function. For AT&T Wireless, the next network upgrade will certainly be HSPA Broadband Package Access which supports the MBMS Multimedia Program Multicast Solutions function. For Verizon Wireless, the next upgrade will be EVDO Rev A which sustains the BCMCS Broadcast and also Multicast Solutions function. For this reason, the future mobile TELEVISION solution from both AT&T Wireless as well as Verizon Wireless might make use of IPTV execution.