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July 29, 2017

Take A Voyage To Enhance Your Lifestyle

This year Fred and his wife Jeanne decided to try something new and take an “active” kind of vacation with the goal of improving their health.  The years of all-inclusive resorts and swim up Tiki Bars had taken a toll on their waistlines, so to make up for it, they planned one as a way to improve their health and conditioning while also enjoying time away from home.  To do this they decided to go someplace where they’d be physically active while also out vacationing.  They decided to try to set up a vacation that might best combine some good exercise with travel and touring all together. And at Fred’s urging they chose to make a “combined” vacation trip by taking a cruise; they would take gourmet cooking lessons from a celebrity chef each day, followed by on-board tennis lessons from a pro instructor.  And they would have their evenings set aside for personal relaxation and touring.

Take A Voyage To Enhance Your Lifestyle

 The first factor in making their decision was to decide what type of “activity” they would most like to do.  After some debate – Jeanne despised workouts, while Fred wasn’t into running or jogging or similar activities – they finally settled upon going to a place where they could learn to play volleyball and tennis.  Since neither one of them had ever been on a tennis court they purchased new Nike athletic shoes and wind runner jackets to bring along, using Groupon coupons to get them at nearly $80 off the list price from Foot Locker.

Fred chose a cruise, even though Jeanne voiced fears of seasickness and talked about her inability to swim.  Fred felt they would achieve their objectives best on an extended cruise, along with some of the other activities that would be offered.  He booked a 12-day cruise to the Caribbean where they could play tourist when not taking their physical courses.  And they’d get to enjoy the ship’s food while learning how to make basic salads.  The cruise was just what they had desired.  Their new sportswear got quite a workout, with the tennis lessons, ship exercises, and onshore tours.  Fred was disappointed because he and Jeanne ate so well that neither lost much weight.  But they enjoyed every bite.  And Jeanne became a “foodie” specializing in seafood pasta dishes as a result of the gourmet chef course.   When their cruise ended they were truly relaxed and engrossed in a new, healthier diet and sports regimen that enhanced their lifestyle.