September 20, 2019

Common Computer Network Firewall Solutions Singapore and their solutions

By John Vorhaus

In the world of today every business uses Computer network to keep a flow of information communication. The Computer system is the lifeline of a company responsible for regulating data transmission throughout the structure that is hierarchical. These networks are utilized to exchange and discuss information that may be multimedia document, image file or a text file. However, problems because of lack of knowledge and come when a issue is faced by a user need to abandon work. In this column I will allow you to know about the frequent network issues and the necessary steps that you should adopt to resolve them:

Firewall Solutions

  • IP and NIC issue: When both computers are delegated with same IP address by manual error then it will give rise to the relationship issue. Link error can be initiated by this with parent network’s personal computer. The NIC is a significant component that is responsible for establishing a temporary connection of your computer to pc network

Resolution: For solving this firewall solutions singapore problem identify the worried computers and assign them unique IP address. Card related problems Ping the computer and change the settings that were faulty, for Solving Network Interface.

  • No Network Access: Sometime while functioning Computer displays No Network access or support not readily available for your computer with an internet server error code HTTP 504.

Settlement: To the resolution of the problem checks whether all of the devices are properly connected or even then reseat all of the connection. In case of internet link a user access net connection. There are a few areas called Cold Spots where internet connection is not available, to remove this difficulty replant the network and Check the router or router settings.

  • No Network Access because of Firewall Restriction: Sometime the safety restriction made by user resulted in the denial of network access solutions. The firewall restrictions do not allow your computer to share the files including picture or text from/over the network computers.

Sometime absence of network connectivity is because of firewall restrictions.